Code of Honour

Travel Code of Honour

  1. The exciting part about BreakOut is spending NO money on traveling. So it is important to cover as many kilometers as possible in the 36 hours, without spending money!
  2. This rule does not apply to food, drinks and accommodation. Whether you are on the road, in a tent, with friends, the newly acquainted ride or just no sleep at all, its up to you. You will have to bear the costs for this yourself, the same applies to the return travel costs.
  3. In order to cover kilometers, you are allowed to use any means of transport that you only use by your own muscle power. Whether classically by bike, with the bobby car, on foot through the country or over water in a pedal boat - as long as you don't spend money on it and use your own strength, there are no limits to your creativity.
  4. As long as the restrictions of the corona pandemic allow it, you can also hitchhike, ask the nice conductor if you can ride on the train or have your tickets paid for. The important thing is that you don't make any arrangements before the event!

Donation Code of Honour

  1. In addition to traveling and the fun BreakOut means, we want to do something good: Together with you and Zeltschule e.V. we can support tent schools in Lebanon for Syrian refugees.
  2. Therefore, each team has to organize at least one team supporter. The more team supporters, the better! This can be your rich aunt, a dear grandma or your favorite restaurant - or the company where you work(ed).
  3. For each team there is a minimum donation goal of 100 €. Each team gives a deposit of 20 €, which will be refunded upon reaching the goal. (Last year, the average donation per team was almost 1000 €. So don’t worry, it’s easy to reach).
  4. You take responsibility for your team supporters and are responsible for assuring that they transfer the promised donation.

Health Code of Honour

  1. Your health is more important than winning the BreakOut. In the COVID-19 pandemic, every action you take should aim to minimize the risk of infection. Use your creativity and digital possibilities to come into physical contact with as few people as possible.
  2. If you do get closer to other people, protect yourself with mouth and nose protection during contact. Pay attention to the minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Remember that your travel documentation is visible on the internet and influences the impact of the BreakOut on the outside world.
  3. The rules of the federal states apply to all participants in the breakout. Please inform yourself about the valid rules of the district in which you are currently staying.

BreakOut Appcode of Honour

  1. Please post your position (if possible with text and photo):
  • at every interesting new place (city, mountain peak, lake, ...), so that your fans can follow you from home
  • at least every three hours so that we at headquarters know that you are fine
  • every time you make a major change of direction, so that your route can be calculated correctly at the end Between a good night and a good morning post, you can of course put your cell phone aside.
  1. At the very end, when the last grains of sand trickle through the hour-glass, you must post a finish line photo to commemorate the end of the best, most exciting and extraordinary 36 hours of your life with you (preferably in a BreakOut Tshirt) at your final destination. Whether it's in the middle of nowhere, back home or the Cologne Cathedral, that's up to you!

Behavioral Code of Honor

  1. Please be careful when traveling and do not put yourself or others in unnecessary danger, i.e. please do not walk on the highway, the pasture with the wild bull or railroad tracks (even if they look great on Insta!).
  2. At any time of the day and at any degree of latitude, it is important to be respectful towards all creatures and foreign cultures.
  3. And last but definitely not least: Your travel partner and you - you are a team. You stay together and do not separate. In addition, your traveled distance in the end only counts, if you two smile together on the goal photo.

BreakOut – Code of Honour

Despite the social component in the foreground, BreakOut is also a competition for the participants. And where there is competition, there is also something to win:

  1. The team that travels the farthest distance*
  2. The team that has collected the most donations through kilometers and challenges.
  3. The team that reached the highest BreakOut-Score, which includes the most donations per kilometer.

In addition, there are many other prizes, such as for most postings, the best destination photo or the best travel video. Even if you don’t get any of the prizes, you will still win unforgettable experiences and a cool story.

There is a Code of Honour, which allows us to have a fair competition and as much fun as possible.