How does the thing with the sponsors work?

Each team has to convince at least one sponsor, who supports the team for each kilometer traveled through a donation to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. For example, if your sponsor gives you 1€ per kilometer and you have travelled 300km far, then you collect 300€ for the renovation of water supply systems in Nepal.

Are really 100% of the donations going to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.?

Yes, 100% of the money goes to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. After all donations have been received, we will transfer them to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. to renew water supply systems in Nepal.

Will my sponsors receive a donation receipt?

Team supporters have the possibility to support one or several teams. This support can be delivered in one of three modes:

  • A donation is effected, if no logo and no URL have been supplied. For donations equal to or less than 200€ the team supporter will not receive a donation receipt, as the simplified rules for small donations apply. For larger donations the team supporter will receive a donation receipt at the end of the year.
  • A passive sponsoring is effected, if a logo and no URL have been supplied. For a passive sponsoring the team supporter will receive an invoice with no value added tax.
  • An active sponsoring is effected, if an URL and optionally a logo have been supplied. For an active sponsoring the team supporter will receive an invoice on which 19% of the promised support will be value added tax.

The team supporter specifies during sign-up which form of support will be used for ALL of the supported teams.

How do I get back?

This is completely up to you. You may, for example, spend a few days at your BreakOut destination. You can hitchhike or fly back ... - But you have to organize it by yourself. If you have any questions, we can also support you from our headquarters. But attention: Do not miss the victory celebration and the great stories of the other teams.

What are Challenges?

Challenges are tasks that your sponsors will give you for the journey. If the Challenge is fulfilled, you will win the promised bonus for our charity partner. Challenges could be for example: Jump into the sea, travel at least 1000km, drink red wine with a Frenchman, etc.. You can also challenge yourself and propose this challenge to a sponsor.

Can you win something at BreakOut?

Yes: You gain a unique experience. Also, the gratefulness of the people that BreakOut helps. Apart from this, there will be a victory celebration with some awards.

Can teams use the BreakOut logo, for example on Facebook, to attract sponsors?

Yes, the BreakOut logos may be used. Download the logos here.

Can you use your own bicycle?

No, the joke of BreakOut is that you have not organized anything before and don’t use your own resources. It is, of course, necessary to consider beforehand where to travel to, but no agreements, e.g. you cannot go with your parents.

How can you control whether we are cheating?

First, of course, we build on your honesty; after all, it is about the adventure and the donations. We also have the opportunity to keep an eye on your trip in the Livestream. In order to win, teams have to explain exactly the history of their travel.

Until when can you find sponsors?

You can find sponsors until the end of the event! - Maybe a friend will give you a challenge when he sees you have just reached the sea ...?

Is it allowed to collect money on the street to travel?

No, collecting money is generally not allowed, but other people can pay for your ticket. However, one person must pay this, not several. Most importantly, you don’t take any money in your hand, nor do you take cash donations, as there are transfer checks in your starter kit.

Do you have to be a student to participate?

No. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can participate.

How to travel without money?

In recent years, a lot of teams hitchhiked, but a team has, for example, also convinced a train conductor to allow them to ride along for free and traveled by train to Belgium. Your arguments are your sponsors: For every kilometer you are traveling, money is collected for a social project.

Is it allowed to spend money on meals and overnight stays?

Yes, because "spending no money" is limited to the traveling itself.

What should I do if I still have questions or no team partner?

Contact us directly: event@break-out.org!

How does this app actually work?

Via the app (iOS and Android), you can upload your current position, texts and photos, which appear in the Livestream so that your fans at home can follow your journey. In addition, you will be shown your challenges, which you can mark as "done".