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How does BreakOut work?

We will come back to you in july to announce if BreakOut 2020 will take place.

In 2020 BreakOut supports the Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. as a partner organization. The non-profit organisation is committed to ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water. To achieve this goal, they promote water projects and actions at home and abroad. Therefor they use the slogan "All for Water - Water for all".

  1. Find a team partner
  2. Find out some fact about the current donation partner
  3. Register online and pay the registration fee of 60€ (20 € + 10 € deposit per person)

Find supporter for your Team (friends, family, colleagues, companys, restaurants, hair stylist, favorite bakery or anything else).

  • first possibility - kilometer donation: Your Sponsor donates for example 10 cent per kilometer (air-line distance)

  • secoand possibility - Challenges: Your sponsor asigns you a challenge and donates if you fulfill the challenge within 36 hours (for example, go swimming in the Atlantic for 10 Euros to be donated).

Have fun, travel 36 hours as far as possible and fulfill as much challenges as possible to get many donations for our current donation partner.

A few days after the event, all team sponsors will receive an email stating their donation promise and information on the donation payment. Likewise, all teams will receive and overview of their collected donations. We ask all teams to remind their sponsors of transfering their donation to support our donation partner.

Bring the victory to your home city and win in several categories, for example:

  • Largest distance (air line)
  • Most money raised
  • BreakOut-Score = √(distance*donation)
  • Best challenge
  • Best documentation (e.g. video)

Infinitely honoured will be those who reach another continent, go further than 10,000 km or travel by camel, unicorn or ship.

Challenge accepted?!

Register now!

Get informed

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQs or send our support team a message at! Additionally, you can visit us on Facebook or Instagram!


BreakOut registration starts on April 26th and ends on May 24th 2021. Until then you can search for a team partner, as the BreakOut trip is only possible in pairs. During the registration process you will be informed about our Code of Honour and participant responsibilities. Additionally, you will pay a deposit (€20 as a taem), which will be paid back to you when you successfully collect donations (€100) for your team. So, your BreakOut adventure is almost underway!

Get ready

For BreakOut you can prepare a lot:

  • You need a smartphone with Apple iOS or Android and mobile internet. Than you can plan your trip (routes, sightseeing, etc.) as well as use the BreakOut app so that your fans at home can follow your progress and you can also see what the other teams are doing.
  • An additional battery for your smartphone is recommended.
  • Depending on what you are planning to do, you should think about a sleeping bag, sun screen, or swimming trunks. But a little hint: You have to carry everything you take with you. So better small and fast …

Helpful material

Finding Sponsors

The two ways to collect donations consist of: The first option is to decide upon a rate, such as 1 Euro/km. Then if you walk or go by bike 100 km, your sponsor will donate 100 Euros to the charity organization. The second option is for your sponsors to assign you challenges for previously agreed upon donations, for example, go swimming in the sea for 10 Euros to be donated. Your Sponsors are extremely important because this is the only way you can collect money for the good cause. Anyone can be your sponsor: Start with your family and friends, and then visit some local companies or shops in your area. You can also have a few smaller sponsors, that, for example only give 10¢/km – Every little bit helps! Finding sponsors is easier than you think. Here are a few tips:

  • Bars and restaurants are good sponsors, contacting them in person will give you the best chance of getting their support.
  • Use your social network and invite your friends through Facebook or Instagram to give you challenges.
  • To make your potential sponsor aware of BreakOut you can use the helpful material below.
  • Its best to search for sponsors together, it makes it more fun and is also more credible.
  • Get your potential sponsor excited about BreakOut and tell them why you are participating. Bring some BreakOut flyers or project descriptions with you.
  • It is also helpful to bring along the sponsor letter and printed out donation contract to fill out on the spot. Don’t forget to fill it out online afterwards.
  • Tell the sponsors that the kilometers traveled between the individual posts count.
  • Explain that 100% of the donations are going to the current charity partner.
  • Benefits for the sponsors: You can name your team after a sponsor, carry their logo around and use their products in your posts during the adventure. During the event, the website will be visited by thousands of people who want to follow the teams. The winning team could be written about in the regional and nationwide press.
  • All sponsors can get a donation receipt so that the donation can be deducted from their taxes.
  • Sponsors can also remain anonymous if desired.

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