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How does BreakOut work?

Find supporter for your Team (friends, family, colleagues, companys, restaurants, hair stylist, favorite bakery or anything else).

  • first possibility - kilometer donation: Your Sponsor donates for example 10 cent per kilometer (air-line distance)

  • secoand possibility - Challenges: Your sponsor asigns you a challenge and donates if you fulfill the challenge within 36 hours (for example, go swimming in the Atlantic for 10 Euros to be donated).

  1. Find a team partner
  2. Find out some fact about the current donation partner
  3. Register online and pay the registration fee of 60€ (20 € + 10 € deposit per person)

A few days after the event, all team sponsors will receive an email stating their donation promise and information on the donation payment. Likewise, all teams will receive and overview of their collected donations. We ask all teams to remind their sponsors of transfering their donation to support our donation partner.

Have fun, travel 36 hours as far as possible and fulfill as much challenges as possible to get many donations for our current donation partner.

Get informed

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQs or send our support team a message at! Additionally, you can visit us on Facebook or Instagram!

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