This was BreakOut 2017

What it’s all about

In 36 hours. In teams of two. Without money. As far as possible. For a good cause.
25th of May 2017 9 am until 26th of May 2017 9pm

BreakOut is a charity travel competition for the adventurous. Once a year, the participants start in pairs from Munich, Berlin and also, since last year, Barcelona. You have 36 hours to travel as far away as possible without spending money on transportation. The teams travel for a good cause all over Europe on a donkey, bike, by foot, in a car, by train or submarine. The concept follows the idea of a donation marathon: Each team collects donations from their team sponsors for each kilometer traveled. The organization behind BreakOut is a student group of 30 young people volunteering for the planning, organization and implementation of the BreakOut. Here you can find out how to BreakOut

In 36 hours.

As far away as possible.

Without money.

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Donation Partner 2017 - Jambo Bukoba

Jambo Bukoba e.V. helps sustainably.

In 2017 BreakOut supports the Jambo Bukoba e.V. as a partner organization. By educationally trained sports instructors, 482.000 pupils have been exposed to topics such as equality and health, which has improved the educational situation in a sustainable way. Already 40 school building projects have expanded the Tanzanian school infrastructure. BreakOut 2017 will finance the construction of 8 rainwater tanks to improve the hygienic conditions at schools in the region around Bukoba in Tanzania. In this way BreakOut contributes to sustainable educational equality and helps at the roots of the international refugee crisis.

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Patron BreakOut 2017
"Reisen verbindet! Und Reisen für einen guten Zweck verbindet auf besondere Weise. Ich wünsche allen Teams eine spannende Reise, neue Eindrücke, möglichst viele gesammelte Meilen und einen gelungenen Break Out 2017! "

Josef Schmid - 2. Bürgermeister der Stadt München

This was 2017

135 teams

At the fourth BreakOut in Munich, Berlin and Barcelone 135 teams participated.

€ 97,556 donations

In total, BreakOut 2016 achieved donations of € 97,556 for Jambo Bukoba e.V. With this money, the situation for students in Tanzania is sutainably improved. Read more about Jambo Bukoba

121.267 kilometers

The 135 teams have covered a total of 121.267 km as the crow flies. In total, BreakOut has traveled almost three times around the world.

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