Team Hasta la vista, baby! (Barcelona 2018)

Ana & Esther | 629 Points | 965 km | 410.30 €

Home sweet home

0 € - Estamos celebrando el quinto aniversario de BreakOut: High Five BreakOut ? ! Queremos que nos ayuden con un video. Nuestra Challenge para ustedes: Graben un video al final, en el que le den un High Five a la Cámara

Last and least @l Luxembourg

Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 21:14
Well done! PURA VIDA! It is an typical and widely common phrase in Costa Rica, which expresses a positive attitude towards life. It stands for many other phrases: "Hello", "How are you?", "I'm fine", "How about you?", "Is that ok?", "That's great!", "Thank you!", "You're welcome!", "It doesn't matter" and more... They're the precious phrases that you always use when you're traveling and meeting new people. Cheers and greetings from Costa Rica! Niko and Nathalia


0 € - Macht ein kreatives und lustiges Foto oder Video und bezieht die EinDollarBrille mit ein. Das originellste Video oder Foto gewinnt die Challenge und hat damit die Chance auf zwei Gutscheine von BRILLE24

2nd pura vida photo, this time with our lovely driver Carmen at the peage in Gye.

Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 21:14
But it was supposed to be a Pura Vida BREAK OUT sign! :D:D:D:D:D It doesn't matter, well done!
am 31. März um 20:36
oh wow
am 31. März um 20:36
oh wow
am 31. März um 20:36
oh wow
am 31. März um 20:36
oh wow

Ana explaining what is rotaract and singing about how it makes her feel. Cannot select the challenge, but we did it!!!

Wet and tired ?? but happy and... hey, it’s that another logo?

Luxembourg: Free public transport on Saturdays.

Esther Gellings
am 9. Juni um 20:16
And another Rotary logo ;)

You know it when there’s two Rotaractors traveling together ?

5 € - Find different 5 Rotary Logos on the way and post them on Whats App.

“Asturias de mis amores” - Madrid singing for us under Luxemburg rain

5 € - Eine Gruppe Passanten muss für euch singen

Macarena dancing under the storm

5 € - Tanzt mit einem fremden Passanten

We're trapped at a Portuguese festival downtown with a lot of people and we're trapped by heavy rain. We take full advantage of it!

10 € - Macht ein Selfie mit 25 Personen

We just checked into our hotel and will spend the next three hours working on hour challenges. We'll keep you posted!

am 9. Juni um 18:15
Year! Cool

Found a nice Dutch lady at our toilet stop at aire de Sandaucourt-les-rappes

10 € - Take and post 3 photos of you with strangers. Each photo must be taken in a different place (post location) with different people, holding a sign that says: PURA VIDA BREAK-OUT! Mucha suerte!
Esther Gellings
am 9. Juni um 15:02
Apparently we cannot read...
Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 19:46
Not yet completed! Go on! Go on!

Something went very wrong with our location. We're much further already, actually. Maybe this time it works? A random picture of a crossing we found in Montcada

By the way, our friendly truck driver arranged a ride to Luxembourg for us. Will be there around 5pm, just in time to work on some more challenges ;)

am 9. Juni um 14:50

Our first truck! He picked us up as soon as we arrived at the peage and will take us to Dijon. Our French is improving rapidly, we are talking a jumble of French, English and Spanish.

Started the day with some good energy. Video follows when we have internet and time. And we liked it so much we might repeat

20 € - Spread love hugging as many people as you can within 20 minutes. Record it and send the video to the our club's whatsapp group!

Camille: What’s yellow and turns red after you press the Button? Ester: Chicken in blender

3 € - Solve a riddle from a stranger.

Six drivers later we arrived in Lyon. We treated ourself to a crepe and are already checked in to a hostel for the night.

It took us literally one minute to continue our trip to Lyon. Now we can plan our challenges while we enjoy a longer car ride

Somehow the location didn't get saved. Here a random picture from when we met one of the other teams near Montpellier.

Found another nice driver who's heading to Aubenas and can take us a bit further

Girona was our lucky spot, after 10 minutes we are already on our way to Montpollier

Busy with the last preparations for tomorrow. Thank you so much for preparing a travel first aid kit for us, Joanna! Hoping that we won't need it ;) Ocupadas con las últimas preparaciones para mañana. Muchísimas gracias por preparar un botiquin de viaje para nosotras, Joanna! Esperamos no necesitarlo ;)

Our personal challenge: lose our hitchhiking virginity while crossing France with zero French-skills (and upload a team picture...). How do you want to challenge us?

Esther Gellings
am 31. Mai um 9:11
And we have a team picture ??

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