Team UNBORDER (Barcelona 2018)

Natalia & Franziska | 679 Points | 726 km | 634.78 €

These NONNOS were more than happy and told us that we are the same age as their grandchildren ?????????????? We used the glasses as well in our high five video and they were very helpful to explain the project!!!! Thank you!!!

0 € - Macht ein kreatives und lustiges Foto oder Video und bezieht die EinDollarBrille mit ein. Das originellste Video oder Foto gewinnt die Challenge und hat damit die Chance auf zwei Gutscheine von BRILLE24

For BreakOut. A bit fancy but of course not as fancy as @mimisfancylife .... I don’t have your filters ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ we posed in front of Alessandro, who we stopped riding his bike. For the shoot: bike+glasses by alessandro (has no instagram) It was difficult to convince strangers to give us their things to pimp our outfits✨✨✨✨ There u go mausi!!!!!

20 € - It's shooting time: Findet den einen perfekten Instagram Spot auf eurer Reise und fragt einen Fremden ein fancy Shooting dort mit euch zu machen. Auch Styling und Outfit soll durch fremde Hilfe gepimpt werden. Lehnt euch dabei an meinem Profil an. Ich möchte einen Fashion-Blogger Post auf Instagram danach sehen!

For BreakOut. A bit fancy but of course not as fancy as @mimisfancylife .... I don’t have your filters ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ we posed in front of Alessandro, who we stopped riding his bike. For the shoot: bike+glasses by @alessandro (has no instagram) It was difficult to convince strangers to give us their things to pimp our outfits✨✨✨✨ There u go mausi!!!!!

Sorry here is the video for proof of the Macarena dance ??

Julie Moskovits
am 10. Juni um 16:29
Challenge buddies, we had the exact same challenge ?

Sorry, Not a real Pueblo. But we really walked by randomly and entered the bar... after some time we thought: hey, let’s ask the DJ for Macarena, he followed the instructions aaaand the people danced it! ???????? ??????????

5 € - Bailar la Macarena en medio de una plaza de algun pueblo, y conseguir que al menos 5 personas la bailen con vosotras :)

Hey hey :) in Order to have the challenge completed ?????‍♀️

10 € - Alright.. so here is my challenge! Disney themed obviously haha I want you to celebrate the birth of Simba. On a big square or a busy pedestrian street in the city of your choice. Play loud the following song from 3mins on and as you most certainly don’t have a little cub with you, raise up a backpack with SIMBA written on a paper attached to it in the same moment Rafiki is holding up Simba and sing out loud “It’s the circle of life”.

Hey hey... sorry haben nicht genug Klopapier gehabt, am Flughafen gab es leider nur einzelne Tücher :( Trotzdem ich bin eingewickelt mit einer kompletten Rolle! Sorry ?

10 € - Verkleidet Euch mit ganz viel Klopapier als Mumie, formt mit Eurem Körper den Buchstaben "J" und macht ein Foto davon.
Franziska Bach
am 10. Juni um 18:15
*außerdem auch nicht sehr umweltfreundlich, ja ? :P ;)

Many ppl did not know the song. Here is one !!! ?????????? Thanks to my MC fit studio director Chris!!!! #machdichwahr

A lot of ppl did not know the intro... sorry :D We have some more videos, will post them all! And send them to my MC fit studio director who gave us this challenge ???????? #machdichwahr

20 € - convince people to do 20 push-ups while singing the spongebob song intro (0.50cnt per person, max 20€) obviously you do the push-ups too hahaha

Pushups in front of duomo by night ✅✅✅✅ grazie Luca!

Número uno! Yassin!!! ?????? Sorry for the singing, but we had another challenge related to pushups :)))

10 € - In Mailand vor dem Mailänder Dom 2 Menschen dazu bringen mit dir Liegestütze zu machen

I wanted to make it funny ahahah ... so ppl would not be scared ... tontaaaaa ????

2 € - Randomly collapse on the floor at very crowded places, like the beach, las ramblas, metro, etc. For each scene I’ll donate 2€ (but don’t collapse more than 4 times my friends, don’t be weird jajaja) have a lot of fun and a great experience. Go unborder girls ?❤️??

HIGH 5 ?? Amazing, we loved it, thanks Milan! Step on the bull’s balls and turn around 3 times. ?? Ciao!!!! ?☀️

0 € - Estamos celebrando el quinto aniversario de BreakOut: High Five BreakOut ? ! Queremos que nos ayuden con un video. Nuestra Challenge para ustedes: Graben un video al final, en el que le den un High Five a la Cámara

Hahaaaa... no explanation ?????

8 € - Geht in einen Optiker-Laden und erzählt dem Verkäufer einen Brillen-Witz. Keine nachträglichen Erklärungen bitte;) Lasst euch von diesen hier inspirieren: Peace

Hotel Rio.... Stock Stock Wellness Hotel ❤️??

20 € - Einmal zusammen die Stock Wellness Hotel Hymne vor einem billigem Hotel singen.

Hahaha massage ?‍♂️ for Gabriel ! Thank you

15 € - Convince someone to let you give him/her a quick but intense foot massage.

Milan mornings ??

50 € - Singt 5 mal auf einem Fahread „La bicicleta“ von Carlos Vives und Shakira.


Jules & Hecki Kaesehage - Ruiz
am 9. Juni um 23:03
Yaaay! Congratulations!! ??

Ok that was Amazing!!! We are in Milan !!!!!! ??????????????

Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 21:11
Oh and welcome to Milan, it's my city! Enjoy it and have a good time! If you need help or have some questions about Milano, fell free to ask me. Write me at Ciao! Niko

Das war zwar keine challenge hahaha aber wir haben Ünal auf der Fahrt nach Milan schön tätowiert !!!! #gang #turkish

That was before arriving to Nimes! :)

Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 21:08
Well done! PURA VIDA! It is an typical and widely common phrase in Costa Rica, which expresses a positive attitude towards life. It stands for many other phrases: "Hello", "How are you?", "I'm fine", "How about you?", "Is that ok?", "That's great!", "Thank you!", "You're welcome!", "It doesn't matter" and more... They're the precious phrases that you always use when you're traveling and meeting new people. Cheers and greetings from Costa Rica! Niko and Nathalia
Franziska Bach
am 9. Juni um 21:20
muchas gracias !!!!!

Para pura vida!!!! More Photos to come

Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 20:56
Well done!

we have completed the challenge and took 5 photos with 5 different ppl! proof will follow now. cheers!!!

15 € - Take and post 5 photos of you with strangers. Each photo must be taken in a different place (post location) with different people, holding a sign that says: PURA VIDA BREAK-OUT! (don't take photos in Barcelona, only on the road!) Mucha suerte!
Pura Vida Road
am 9. Juni um 20:56
Well done!

Ok we are on the way Milán ???? Ready for our challenges ?

Nicolás number 2 today! :) he was in playa-mood ? thanks for bringing a closer ????

Nicolas is taking us to the train airport station !!! ??☀️✅

Good Night :) ??

Birgit Bach
am 9. Juni um 9:31
Well done, niñas??

Omg Amazing Girl! She Even made us some goodnight sandwiches ? merci beaucoup Hager ??✅??

We met hasta la vista baby!!!! Didn’t even talk about where exactly we are ????????

When u run into your neighbor and start another pillow fight in BCN :) hahaha

Simba’s Birth ?

5 € - And Hecki is adding the following: Do the whole Simba celebration in front of a Disney shop and get people to stand in a circle around you. 5€ for doing it in front of a Disney Shop, 1€ for each person in the circle. WE WANT PROOF! haha
Jules & Hecki Kaesehage - Ruiz
am 9. Juni um 8:05
Hahaha! Yeaaaahhh!

Nomnomnom Nutella Crêpe ?

5 € - Comerse una crepa de nutella en menos de 1:10s.

Penguin Walk + Hug ?

10 € - You have to do the penguin hug (you stand upright, with your arms close to your body, with your hands folded upwards with your palm facing the ground, feet together, and walk awkwardly like a penguin until you hug the other person who will do the same) with at least 10 people on Plaza Catalunya using a signboard that says. I love sexy penguins (I have the penguin onsie, I can lend them to you if you want ) Obviously I want a video of it :)

The guy from the stand was excited as well Jaja VIVA MEXICO ??

8 € - You have to go to the boqueria market and eat the hottest chile. You can drink water or eat an ice cream later. send video y VIVA MEXICO!

Pillow fighting in BCN

5 € - Pillow fight Grab 2 pillows and walk around Barcelona -> start a friendly pillow fight with a stranger by walking randomly to them and throwing them the extra pillow and say the words "It's on" !!! Good luck and looking forward to see it

About us

Hi, Hallo, Hola!!! (ESPAÑOL ABAJO + DEUTSCH UNTEN) _______________________________________________ We are Natalia and Franzi from Guatemala and Germany. One studies psychology and the other one works for a big travel company. We can't wait for your amazing challenges and are soooo motivated to travel as far as possible and collect as many donations for the amazing project of OneDollarGlasses. BE CREATIVE and don't worry! We are tough girls and love to travel: no one will stop us. ----------------------------------------------------- Borders, Walls, Fences, Gates, Nations. THE WORLD IS FULL OF THEM. BUT THE ONES THAT REALLY DIVIDE US ARE THE BORDERS IN OUR HEADS. TO KNOW THE WORLD IS TO LOVE THE WORLD. UNBORDER. --------------------------------------------------------- Hola Nos llamamos Natalia y Franzi. Somos de Guatemala y Alemania, pero vivimos en Barcelona. Una estudia psicología y la otra trabaja en una agencia de viajes. Nos encanta viajar y estamos demasiado motivadas!! Ayudanos y sé nuestro sponsor, danos un reto o pon una cierta cantidad por kilometro viajado. Este año les vamos a enseñar que las fronteras no importan, que todo es posible! ----------------------------------- Hallo! Wir sind Natalia und Franzi aus Guatemala und Deutschland. Eine studiert Psychologie und die andere arbeitet für ein großes Reiseunternehmen. !!ACHTUNG: WIR HABEN RICHTIG BOCK BREAKOUT 2018 zu rocken!! Wir sind uns für nix zu schade, wenn das bedeutet, dass wir das tolle Projekt von OneDollarGlasses unterstützen können. Wir wollen am 8. Juni 2018 Grenzen bedeutungslos machen und zeigen was möglich ist. Wir lieben es zu reisen. #powergirls #unborder