Team Up, up and away! (Berlin 2019)

Jan & Alexander | 1.308 Points | 1.770 km | 967.37 €

Somehow this didn’t download but we got relationship tips from a very experienced couple!

10 € - In dem Ort/Stadt wo ihr landet, also da wo ihr euer BreakOut Zielfoto schießt: Ihr ladet ein älteres (60+) Ehepaar auf ein Kaffee ein und fragt nach ihren Tipps für eine lange, glückliche Beziehung und teilt sie mit uns. (Videobeweis)

After 2541km of actual distance traveled,(1739km traveled by air distance which is the measure), 24 completed challenges, 6 different countries, 5 border crossings, 3 different groups of people met from our hometown Muenster, 2 crazy friends that know each other since Highschool, 1 joint goal of leaving a dent in this world and 0hrs of laying in a bed and/or seeing a proper bathroom from the inside, it’s time to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for all the kilometer and challenge donations and for helping us make the world a better place while having fun at the same time. Let’s continue spreading that love, let’s keep traveling and let’s keep working on intercultural understanding. With that said it’s time to call it a night. Your Team No 568 is now at its final destination Istanbul, Turkey and will have tons of magical experiences to digest and reflect on. Yours truly, Alex and Jan OVER AND OUT!

Wedding greetings from Istanbul, Turkey ❤️

Ulrich Thiele
am 15. Juni um 22:56
Glückwunsch an Euch beide zu der tollen Leistung 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Due to super slow WiFi in Sarajevo Airport just could upload now ❤️❤️❤️

30 € - Send us one video message per country with some wedding wishes and advice for Krishan and me, using some of the local language if possible :-)

In der Eile (fast den Flieger verpasst) haben wir die Kronenkorken in die Rucksäcke geschmissen. Mehr gibt es, ganz ehrlich! Bild mit der vollen Kollektion folgt wenn wir im Hotel sind.

5 € - Mindestens 10 verschiedene Kronkorken von Bierflaschen aus euren Reiseländern (müsst ihr nicht selber austrinken)

Kreativ, naja... eher zu viel Tele Shopping geschaut. Aber die Message ist klar: Werner ist nächstes Jahr auch dabei! Sei auch du dabei!

20 € - Dreht ein kreatives Werbevideo für das Breakout Projekt

Made the Poem! Herr Ribbeck von Ribbeck ✅✅

20 € - Sagt am Ziel eurer Reise die Ballade "Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland" auf. Dokumentiert es in einem Video (Instagram).

Yes, we were thirsty. So thirsty that we fucked up and recorded a time lapse instead of a video. But hey, we performed great and to give you a glimpse of our performance, we slowed down the time lapse...

10 € - You must be thirsty, chug a beer (hope your bus has toilets haha) and sing we are the champions on camera :D Perhaps just the refrain so they dont kick you ou of the bus :D :D

Thanks, Kenan for supporting us in getting us to the airport for our final step and also to drive around for us to search for a playground to full fill our last challenge in Sarajevo 💪

Ok....we have a lot of talents, but singing is for sure non of them... But hey, we did our best!

20 € - Singt ein ABBA Medley aus mind. 3 Songs auf einem öffentlichen Platz

We just arrived in ISTANBUL! Thanks dear Petr for being such an amazing donor and making this last minute flight possible to reach for the win. Let’s see what the official results will be ✌️

Is this ok? No real fountains around, but we did our best!

10 € - Lauft durch eine Wasserfontäne/einen Springbrunnen ⛲️

Thanks for these amazing towels, to keep us protected from the heat and at the same time we get to look super stylish 🤟🤟


10 € - lasst Euch im Ausland von einer jungen Frau in ihrer Muttersprache einen Witz erzählen und versucht ihn zu übersetzen

Phase red in the middle of Sarajevo. Thanks Julio and greetings to Muenster 🙌🙌🙌

10 € - Spielt an einer beliebigen Ampel das allseits beliebte Spiel "Phase Rot", wahlweise im 'Topless-Mode' und zeigt es auf Video
Julio Miguel Pires dos Santos della heua cardinale
am 15. Juni um 22:28
Awesome guys! Obrigado por tudo 😙

Never thought we would be able to manage but we played the song from Moana! Sorry for you to see this🤦‍♂️

30 € - Was für die Mädels... Interpretiert das Lied „Ich bin bereit“ aus dem Disneyfilm Vaiana an einem Strand eurer Wahl (playback gilt auch)
Kathi D.
am 16. Juni um 2:17
Beste! 😍

Dancing queens.

10 € - Do the macarena in the middle of a town square

Kein Posen, aber tolles neues Inventar im lokalen Souvenir Geschäft.

15 € - Einer von Euch soll in einem Schaufenster auftreten/posen, der andere dokumentiert es per Bild

Actually there was no lake or ocean near by, but OMFG, look what I saw while making a status update!!!

10 € - Jump into a lake or ocean naked!
Petr Klymec
am 15. Juni um 18:05
omg i cant believe this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexey Stanislavskiy
am 15. Juni um 20:49
German sausage detected!!!
Kathi D.
am 16. Juni um 2:20
You did it 🙈😅

Remember we said we were going to use our passports again? WE ARE NOW AT THE AIRPORT! Where are we going? Won’t disclose that just yet, but stay tuned!

Interesting. Only the shot in coke glasses was not to be recommended while having 33 degrees.

20 € - Werft einen Blick in eine Küche und lasst euch zeigen, wie man Cevapcici macht. Ein Sliwowitz zum Nachspülen und Foto als Beweis her!

Swing challenge check! ✅ It was quite hard to stay sitting for a long time due to no seats on the swings 😂😂😂

10 € - Geht auf einen Spielplatz auf dem es 2 Schaukeln gibt. Schaukelt gleichzeitig 5 Minuten. Findet jemanden, der von euch beiden beim Schaukeln ein kurzes Video macht.

History lesson with Jan. This city is full of history.

10 € - You're in a place of great historical importance, gents. Find the site of Franz Assassination and educate the world through a 1 min pitch shot on your camera about how the WWI started, who were the top 5 countries involved on each side and how it played out in the end. I'm sure you are not in a hurry ;) to take your time to indulge us in the depth of your academical wisdoms :)
Petr Klymec
am 15. Juni um 16:58
Sehr gut meines Freunds! 🙌
Alexey Stanislavskiy
am 15. Juni um 17:23
What about Great Britain, France, Italy, Us of A? Part 2 of this lesson - - coming 2020

Always wear sunscreen...plenty of sunscreen!

10 € - Cremt euch gegenseitig das Gesicht, Nacken und die Arme dick mit Sonnencreme ein.
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 15:34
Safety first! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Jenny Kulicke
am 15. Juni um 18:07

Greetings to New York!

50 € - Send a greeting in russian to your friend in New York, put it on video. Zaebis bratan kak dela I love you should work!
Alexey Stanislavskiy
am 15. Juni um 15:56
Much love my boys!!!

Sauer macht lustig!

5 € - Von Lilo und Evi: Beißt in ein großes Stück Zitrone
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 15:30
That was the best I have seen today! 😂🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ulrich Thiele
am 15. Juni um 22:51
Süüüß 😋

That was a first :D

25 € - Gurgelt mit einem leckeren Pivo „Stups der kleine Osterhase“!
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 15:26
Hahaha I can’t stop laughing about your cappies! 🤣
Petr Klymec
am 15. Juni um 16:59

Strategizing on the order of challenges. Get ready for us ticking them off!

Arrived in Sarajevo!!!

Petr Klymec
am 15. Juni um 11:21
Keep it up boys! Time for some sightseeing! 😜
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 13:07
HAHAHA Janiboy! You look so out of space :*

Just passed the 1000km mark! ✅💪

Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 13:08
So proud of you boys!

So far we have almost generated 40k Euros in donations with still 11hrs to go! Amazing job of everyone and so far WE ARE ONE OF THE TOP THREE IN DISTANCE! Will we manage to keep up? Follow us live here:

Good morning. For breakfast we ordered country #5. Hello Bosnia & Herzegovina! As we are outside Europe now, mobile network might be an issue. We‘ll do our best to keep you posted.

Fun Fact 1: Ex BreakOut people recognized us in a Munich Beergarden. Fun Fact 2: At the Beergarten, we met the third group of people that had something to do with our hometown, Muenster 1 Georg studied there 2 Sven visited grandparents there 3 our beergarden neighbors were from Muenster

Just crossed the border to country No.4! Helloooooooo Croatia! Just letting you know, this won’t be the last time that we are using our passport. :p What’s our next destination? Let’s say it’s a capital of a country. What is your guess? Leave a comment

Jan Hoepper
am 15. Juni um 2:06
Athens? Noooooooo
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 2:48
Whoop Whoop! We can’t wait to see your next destination!
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 2:54
Capital of a country.. maybe it is Sarajevo or Belgrad 🤔
Jan Hoepper
am 15. Juni um 10:08
one of them is correct!

Who needs rest when you are racing for charity? We will travel while sleeping! 💪 Thanks again to Georg, our first driver, for donating the tickets!

Already practicing for our next challenge. Singing the Vaiana song!

Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 15. Juni um 1:22
Yeeeees! 💪🏼 Really looking forward!

Good night from Slovenia

Henny aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 14. Juni um 23:24
Gute Nacht :)
Alexander Thiele
am 14. Juni um 23:28
Danke! euch auch!

Video call check! ✅ Greetings to Michaela, Elli and Co from WeWork and a BIG THANK YOU for sponsoring us!

10 € - Videocall us at 6PM to say cheers!

After a few beers to regenerate, now off to our next destination.

We got sponsored two FlixBus tickets!!!! Where will we go? We won’t tell you just yet. :p Stay tuned!

Thank you Sven for taking us to Munich! What’s next?

Henny aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 14. Juni um 17:01
BreakOut Zentrale?

Three grown ups singing while the little girl on board is sleeping :D. Recommendation: mute the video...

5 € - Damit euch nicht langweilig wird im Auto: Singt doch bitte mit dem lieben Autofahrer, der euch so weit in den Süden bringt 5 schöne bekannte Kinderlieder <3 (Videobeweis hier + IG)
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 14. Juni um 16:46
Mega! Macht beim Zuhören schon gute Laune, ich bin mir sicher der liebe Fahrer hat sich auch gefreut!

Thank you Ly for such a great lunch! :)

Ändi Gemuetter
am 14. Juni um 16:19
Echt Ly, das gibt krasse Probs, das sieht ja deluxe aus
Ly aus der BreakOut Zentrale
am 14. Juni um 16:49
Making sure you boys have enough energy, happy you enjoyed! <3 Komm in die Zentrale Andrea! Dann setze ich einen Focaccia Teig für uns alle auf <3

Now en route to Munich! We found our next driver. A kind father with his daughter on his way to Grandma :)

Just arrived at our first stop in Nuremberg. Thank you so much, George for taking us for our first 381km ✌️✌️✌️ Where will we go next?

The first 100€!Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. We will work on your challenges once we have a first stop.

Team UP UP & AWAY arranged the Bretzel service for all Teams at the Berlin Breakout starting point :) Big thanks for all your hard work @Breakout Orga Team!

First ride to Nürnberg / München. Took us 60 seconds. People are awesome!

Simon van Endern
am 14. Juni um 10:23
Wir kommen euch entgegen, sind gleich schon in Nürnberg :D

We have less than 9hrs to go and are getting ready for yet another experience of a lifetime. Are we going to make it and crack the 100,000Euro mark in donations this year for a good cause? Where will we go this year? How are we going to move? Which challenges will we succeed in performing? These are all questions we cannot answer at this point. One thing is clear, with YOUR HELP we have clear chances to win this year. So please send us the craziest challenges and/or become a brave kilometer sponsor. Help us raise as much money as possible for these children in refugee camps which want nothing but a fair chance in life, just like you and me. WE COUNT ON YOU! Cheers, Alex and Jan

About us

School mates since forever - raced in 2017 and now ready to do it again! Last time we made it all the way to Split, Croatia in 36hrs. Where will your support take us this time? Help us raise as much money as possible for these children in refugee camps which want nothing but a fair chance in life, just like you and me.